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The fast-paced lifestyle of individuals has enforced them to seek convenient solutions such as microwavable foods, replacing traditional cooked meals. Microwavable foods require minimal preparation time and can be cooked using a conventional microwave oven.


The global microwavable foods market size is expected to grow more than 5% from 2020 to 2031 and the frozen microwavable foods segment dominated the microwavable foods market. These foods provide better nutritional benefits and taste, similar to that of fresh food. Consumers are on a constant lookout for a healthier meal that is easier to cook and tastes better, which is fulfilled by frozen microwavable foods.


Freezing is one of the easiest, quickest, most versatile, and most convenient methods of preserving foods. Properly frozen foods maintain more of their original color, flavor and texture and generally more of their nutrients than foods preserved by other methods.


The main purpose of packaging is to keep food from drying out and to preserve nutritive value, flavor, texture, and color. A good packaging material should have the following characteristics:

  • Moisture/vapor-proof or at least moisture resistant.
  • Made of food grade material, i.e. designed to be used for food products.
  • Durable and leakproof.
  • Resistant to oil, grease or water.
  • Protect foods from off flavors and odors.
  • Easy to fill and seal.

The packaging you select will depend on the type of food to be frozen, personal preference and availability.
Let us help you find the right sealing films and machines for your project.

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

Demand for online sales of microwavable and frozen foods has increased significantly due to complete lockdown across the globe.
Owing to COVID-19 crisis, many microwavable and frozen foods producing companies increased their production to meet the demand of the customers. Thus, COVID-19 has positively impacted the microwavable foods market.

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