Bubble Tea Equipment

Make amazing drinks, Easy and simple ! / Phoenixes is a professional container sealers & sealing films supplier from Taiwan with over 20 years of packaging experience.

【5 in 1】Sound-proof blender

Bubble Tea Equipment

Make amazing drinks, Easy and simple !

Phoenixes professional syrup dispenser and blender are suitable for all kinds of bubble tea or beverage.
It is the best way to keep your drinks delicious and consistent, with these products, everyone can be an outstanding tea barista!

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Bubble Tea Equipment

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【5 in 1】Multi-function blender - Multi-Function Blender
【5 in 1】Multi-function blender

Just one touch, you can make more than 5 different types of drinks to enrich your menu. It has 5 different...

【3 in 1】 Tea processor - 3 in 1 Tea Processor
【3 in 1】 Tea processor

With this machine, you will not need the normal shaker, you can just put the hot tea inside,...

Result 1 - 2 of 2

Bubble Tea Equipment | Sealing Machine Supplier - Phoenixes

Located in Taiwan, Phoenixes Multi Solutions Inc. is one of the leading Bubble Tea Equipment | sealing machine and plastic sealing film suppliers since 2000.

Besides sealing machines, Phoenixes also supplies powder dispenser machines, fructose dispenser machines, sachet packaging machines with innovative designs. Also, our sealing films meet SUV, SGS food safety standards.

Phoenixes has been offering customers high quality sealing machines with reasonable prices. Both with advanced technology and 24 years of experience, Phoenixes makes sure customer's demands are met.