Sealing machine safety precautions

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Sealing machine safety precautions

Sealing machine safety precautions

Are you aware of the crucial things to consider when using sealing machines?
Although sealing machines are equipped with safety features, injuries still occur frequently. To ensure safety when operating sealing machines, it is necessary to follow proper safety guidelines at all times. By doing so, we can prevent potential accidents or injuries, and create a safer working environment for everyone.

07 Feb, 2024 PHOENIXES

Remember, safety should always be our top priority.
By providing comprehensive education and training on the potential dangers of sealing machines, we can prevent severe injuries. Please take a few minutes to read this article and keep these safety guidelines in mind to prevent unexpected accidents.

1. Never put your hand into the machine while the power is on

Before performing any action on the sealing machine like replacing the sealing film, cleaning, or maintenance,... remember to unplug the power cord and allow the remaining heat to dissipate. Use tools such as bamboo chopsticks to clean or install the sealing film.

We will never instruct users to use their "hands" to reach into the machine for any task. Please always be cautious and avoid putting yourself in danger due to reasons such as it'll be fine because you're lucky or because you are in a hurry. In fact, accidents are more likely to happen in such situations. Therefore, when cleaning, maintaining, or replacing the film, the safest practice is to disconnect the power, unplug the cord, and use auxiliary tools. Any action involving inserting hands/ fingers into the machine is absolutely wrong and dangerous.

2. Do Not Make Adjustments Or Wipe The Machine During Automatic Cup-Feeding Mode.

When the machine is in automatic cup-feeding mode, the sealing action will be triggered by the electric eye sensor of the lower mold. At this time, wiping or adjusting the machine can be very dangerous. Always be aware of which mode the sealing machine is operating in. If it is in automatic cup-feeding mode, avoid any actions other than cup sealing. We also recommend that if the number of cups to be sealed is low, setting the machine to manual cup-feeding mode can be relatively safer.

Please remember that if automatic sealing is accidentally triggered for any reason, the priority is to protect your hands,do not try to reach into the machine to stop it. Please learn how to use the emergency stop button and safety bar on the machine.

3. Know How To Use The Safety Door Correctly And Ensure It Functions Properly

Many accidents can be prevented by using the safety door properly. Please keep in mind that safety features don't guarantee safety, beware of potential risks. After years of use and possible inadequate maintenance by owners, sealing machines may have safety doors that are stuck or malfunctioning. Some businesses even remove the safety doors on their own, thinking it eases film installation. We strongly discourage such behavior.

Therefore, users must always pay attention to their safety, learn how to use the safety door correctly, and regularly check if it functions properly. We also remind business owners that if they notice any malfunction or failure of the sealing machine's safety door, please contact Phoenixes.

4. Children Are Strictly Prohibited From Approaching The Sealing Machine, Even With Adult Supervision.

The sealing machine not only generates high temperatures exceeding 150 degrees and up to 400 watts of electric current but also features sharp serrated cutting blades.That’s why it’s important to keep sealing machines out of the reach of children, as they can cause severe injuries if approached accidentally. Additionally, the machine weighs approximately 25 kilograms, posing a significant potential risk if it falls due to a child inadvertently pulling on the power cord.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep children and pets as far away from the sealing machine as possible. Business owners are advised to place the machine in an area that is reasonably remote from customers, decreasing the chance of curious customers interacting with the equipment, and causing potential harm.

As a distributor, Phoenixes not only invests in product liability insurance but also conducts thorough safety education and guidance during each machine delivery. Our commitment is to minimize accidents as much as possible.

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