2020 Taipei International Packaging Show

Phoenixes is a professional container sealers & sealing films supplier from Taiwan with over 20 years of packaging experience.

2020 Taipei International Packaging Show

2020 Taipei International Packaging Show

The 2020 Taipei International Packaging Industry Show is just around the corner.
You are most welcome to visit our booth at the show, we will be more than happy to help you find the best solutions for your business in the sealing and packaging industry.

12 Nov, 2020 PHOENIXES

Phoenixes will attend the 2020 Taipei International Packaging Show "TAIPEI PACK"
at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from December 17th to December 20th.
Exhibited product: sealing machines, sealing films, dispenser and sachet packaging machines, etc.
We are more than honored to invite you to visit our booth.

Exhibition Information
  • Exhibition Name: 2020 Taipei International Pacakging Show
  • Exhibition Time: 2020/12/17 ~ 2020/12/20, 10:00 - 18:00
  • Exhibition Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1
  • Booth number: I0301
Booth Map
Exhibition Address
Lightweight Cup Sealer Machine - Bubble Tea Cup Sealing Machine
Lightweight Cup Sealer Machine

The model PH-79S is born to help you save space! It needs only a place of 20 x 30 cm to have your delicious drinks well sealed. Smarter, smaller, and lighter.

High Performance Cup Sealer Machine - Cup Sealing machine
High Performance Cup Sealer Machine

PH-588S is Phoenixes' premium model and the most reliable, stable and durable cup sealing machine. It's mostly used for hard work when clients have thousands...

ABS Cover Cup Sealer Machine - ABS cover cup sealing machine
ABS Cover Cup Sealer Machine

The PH-98S cup sealer offering a beautiful ABS cover, it comes in two beautiful and stylish colors, black and white. It can seal cups and small containers...

Best-Selling Cup Sealer Machine - Cup Sealing machine
Best-Selling Cup Sealer Machine

Due to its great quality, affordable price, user-friendly interface, stainles steel exterior, this model is our best-selling cup sealing machine. It can seal...

Economical Model Cup Sealer - Cup Sealing machine
Economical Model Cup Sealer

The cup sealer PH-95SN is our economical model. It comes with the most sustainable spare parts, which we use in all our other high-quality sealers, but at a very...

【5 in 1】Multi-function blender - Multi-Function Blender
【5 in 1】Multi-function blender

Just one touch, you can make more than 5 different types of drinks to enrich your menu. It has 5 different programs for making: ice crushed drinks, slushy,...

【3 in 1】 Tea processor - 3 in 1 Tea Processor
【3 in 1】 Tea processor

With this machine, you will not need the normal shaker, you can just put the hot tea inside, add ice and the machine will mix (shake) it for you in 1 second.

Economical Manual Tray Sealing Machine - Manual Tray Sealer For Food Trays
Economical Manual Tray Sealing Machine

The PH-39M is the most economical tray sealing machine, offering high efficiency and quality sealing for restaurants, small businesses, and ready-meal...

Automatic tray sealing machine - Phoenixes Automatic Tray Sealer
Automatic tray sealing machine
PH-59L Series

PH-59L(Series) is table top motor-driven tray sealer, it has a fully customizable mold option for 1 or 2 cavities according to your trays sizes or shapes...

Automatic tray sealing machine (Air-compressor) - Air-compressor Tray Sealer-Sealing Machine PH-900L2
Automatic tray sealing machine (Air-compressor)
PH-900 Series

The UltraSealer PH-900 Series conquers high volume with a customizable mold system (1-4 cavities), exchangeable molds, and an optional MAP system for extended...

Flip panel fructose syrup dispenser - ABS cover syrup dispenser
Flip panel fructose syrup dispenser

PH-8E / PH-8EP syrup dispenser is our latest model. Its cover is made of ABS plastic which is designed for exquisite appearance than painted steel and less...

Powder dispenser - Powder Dispenser 8J
Powder dispenser

PH-8J powder dispenser is latest model launched in earlier 2017. Its cover is made of ABS plastic which is designed for exquisite appearance than painted...

Sachet packaging machine - Sachet Packaging Machine PH-2A3
Sachet packaging machine

PH-2A3 is one of the most economical in sachet packaging machine industry. It can satisfy your demand for sachet package and meanwhile at an attractive...

ES plastic sealing film - ES Standard Plastic Sealing Film
ES plastic sealing film

Phoenixes' ES Plastic Cup Sealing Films offer superior sealing with a peelable design for easy use, featuring a vibrant, reflective finish that grabs attention....

Kraft paper sealing film - PHOENIXES Paper Films
Kraft paper sealing film

Phoenixes' Kraft Paper Cup Sealing Films offer superior leak protection, temperature retention, and a touch of sophistication. Plus, Phoenixes offers Kraft...

Customized sealing film - Phoenixes Custom Films
Customized sealing film
Customized sealing film

Phoenixes offers the ultimate solution: Customized Sealing Films! We provide a vast array of materials to choose from, ensuring a perfect fit for your...

Eco-friendly stone paper bibs - Phoenixes Stone Paper Bibs(Customized)
Eco-friendly stone paper bibs

Help protect your customers clothing by offering eco-friendly bibs. PHOENIXES eco-friendly bibs are manufactured from patent stone paper, which can be decomposable...


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Phoenixes 2020 Taipei International Packaging Show Introduction

Phoenixes Multi Solutions Inc. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Beverage shops, foodservice operators, frozen food industry, meat products industry, breakfast restaurants, takeaway meal packaging, chain restaurant brands, foodservice equipment suppliers, food manufacturing industry, biotechnology industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical aesthetics manufacturing industry, fresh supermarkets. Phoenixes has been offering our customers high quality Container sealer machine, sealing film, sachet packaging machine, cup sealer, plastic-free paper cup & straws, tray sealer, rotary sealing machine, fructose dispenser, powder dispenser, production line sealing machine, restaurant bibs, bubble tea shop equipment, food packaging equipment since 2000. With both advanced technology and 24 years experience, Phoenixes always make sure to meet each customer's demand.