Economical Manual Tray Sealers

Packaging suitable for meat, frozen seafood, fresh produce, and ready-to-eat meals. / Phoenixes is a professional container sealers & sealing films supplier from Taiwan with over 20 years of packaging experience.

Economical Manual Tray Sealers - Manual Tray Sealer For Food Trays
  • Economical Manual Tray Sealers - Manual Tray Sealer For Food Trays
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Economical Manual Tray Sealers


Packaging suitable for meat, frozen seafood, fresh produce, and ready-to-eat meals.

The PH-39M is the most economical tray sealing machine, offering high efficiency and quality sealing for restaurants, small businesses, and ready-meal packaging operations.

Economical Champion

The EcoSealer PH-39M delivers exceptional sealing performance at a price that won't strain your wallet. It's the ideal solution for businesses getting started or looking for a cost-effective way to boost their packaging efficiency.

Effortless Operation

No need for complicated controls! The EcoSealer PH-39M's manual design is user-friendly and requires minimal training and maintenance.

Build to last

Constructed with a durable stainless steel case, the EcoSealer PH-39M can handle the demands of a busy restaurant or small production line. It's a dependable workhorse that will be with you for years.

Keep Food Fresh

The EcoSealer PH-39M creates airtight seals that lock in freshness and extend the shelf life of your products. This translates to happy customers and reduces food waste.

Date/Code Printing

The EcoSealer PH-39M can be optionally equipped with a built-in date/code printer. This allows you to directly print important information like production or expiration dates onto your sealed trays. This improves traceability and ensures your customers always have the freshest product.

Customized Molding Service

We offer the option to create custom molds for your EcoSealer PH-39M, allowing you to seal trays in unique shapes and sizes that perfectly match your product. This can enhance brand recognition and create a more premium presentation for your offerings.

Machine Size420 x 490 x 700 mm
Power110V / 220V, 600W
Production Capacity300 Seals/hr
Max. Cup Size220 x 170 x 120 mm
CaseStainless steel
Date/Code PrinterApplicable

  • Manual operation.
  • Food grade #430 stainless steel case.
  • Error message display.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Customized molding service.
  • Low investment cost.
  • Certified by CE regulations.
Optional Functions
  • Date/code printer.
  • Automatic sealing with a manual input and output.
  • Suitable for trays and bowls packaging, such as takeout, lunch boxes, meal boxes, frozen food, microwave meals and so on.

Manual tray sealer for food tray

PH-39M Product Information
PH-39M Product Information

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Economical Manual Tray Sealers | Sealing Machine Supplier - Phoenixes

Located in Taiwan, Phoenixes Multi Solutions Inc. is one of the leading Economical Manual Tray Sealers | sealing machine and plastic sealing film suppliers since 2000.

Besides sealing machines, Phoenixes also supplies powder dispenser machines, fructose dispenser machines, sachet packaging machines with innovative designs. Also, our sealing films meet SUV, SGS food safety standards.

Phoenixes has been offering customers high quality sealing machines with reasonable prices. Both with advanced technology and 24 years of experience, Phoenixes makes sure customer's demands are met.