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PHOENIXES Introduction

PHOENIXES MULTI SOLUTIONS INC. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Producing a variety of sealing machines and also provides business industry. PHOENIXES has been offering our customers high quality Sealing Machine, Sealing Film, Sachet Filling Machine, Disposable Cup, Restaurant Bibs, Automatic Sealing Machine, Cup Sealing Machine, Cup Sealing Film, Plastic Cup, Paper Cup, Tray Sealing Machine, Rotary Sealing Machine, Fructose Diespenser, Syrup Dispenser, Powder Dispenser, Production Line Sealing Machine since 2000. With both advanced technology and 18 years experience, PHOENIXES always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Can I print my logo on the sealing film?

    Yes, printing your logo on the sealing film is available. Please send your logo to us in advance so we can check colors on the logo and offer you the best suggestions.※Please kindly email us your logo in AI file.

  • How can I choose the films for different types of container ?

    The sealing effect is critical when it comes to making decision on films' material choosing. As can be seen in the table below, the ES film is applicable to the sealing on all kinds of commonly seen plastic containers, which sealing effect features the film can be removed from the container after sealed due to the film is sealed by sticking and attaching with heat.On the other hand, for the sealing of PP / PE film on PP / PE containers, the film and container are melted by heater and merged together, in which the film becomes part of the container and the only way to remove the film is to cut and tear it down.Regardless of these, for beverage cups' sealing, instead of sealing effect, the COST of different materials' films is the most important point to concern.

  • If I have various sized cups with different diameter and height, can those cups sealed in the same unit of cup sealing machine ?

    Yes, but must equip with a ring as the adapter. For example, the client adopts both 95mm plastic cups & 90mm paper cups. The lower mould (cup seat) of the sealer will be made in 95mm and the ring will be tailored to alter the diameter of lower mould from 95mm to 90mm. That is, providing an exact support to the smaller sized cups so as to ensure a leak free sealing.However, the adapter ring will make the small cups sealed with a bigger surplus film on the edge of the cups. The application is only suggested for those cups with dia. differences being less than 5mm otherwise the surplus film appears to be unacceptable.

  • How many cups can it be sealed per roll (films) ?

    Since the different types of films, there are some standard of the length for reference:130mm x 230m Paper Film: 2000 cups/roll. 130mm x 290m Plastic Film: 2500 cups/roll. 130mm x 450m Plastic Film: 3900 cups/roll. 130mm x 500m Plastic Film: 4300 cups/roll.

  • Cup sealing machine daily maintenances.

    Proper maintenance will keep machine functioning longer and reduce abrasion. "Kids and non-related personnel are strictly forbidden."Please make sure the temperature of machine has cooled down and has been unplugged before daily maintenance. Also, be careful with the sharpness of cuter and moving parts for your safety.1.Unplug the machine and wait until the temperature of machine has cooled down. 2.Clean dust and stain on the lower mold. 3.Clean dust and stain on both sensor. 4.Clean stain on the upper mold, be careful with the sharpness. 5.Lubricate moving parts with grease. Slider, springs and axles are to be lubricated.

  • Sealing Machine Error Codes

    The machine buzzes once any malfunctioning and failure are detected.

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