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PHOENIXES Tray Service Introduction

PHOENIXES MULTI SOLUTIONS INC. is Taiwan Tray supplier and manufacturer with more than 18 years experence. Since 2000, in the Producing a variety of sealing machines and also provides business industry, PHOENIXES has been offering our customers high quality Tray production service. With both advanced technology and 18 years experience, PHOENIXES always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Manual Tray Sealing Machine
    Manual Tray Sealing Machine

    PH-39M is Phoenixes' most economical tray sealing machine model, it offers good quality at an affordable price. This is a manual model, however, it still allows you to seal hundreds of trays per hour. It’s suitable for tray packaging, such as lunchboxes, bowls and other trays. Equipped with a durable stainless steel case and a LED screen display which displays error codes.

  • Automatic Tray Sealing Machine
    Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

    PH-59L is a table-top automatic tray sealer machine, easy to operate due to its user friendly digital panel. Very good option for those with middle production needs and for those who just started their business. This model is motor-driven, it has a fully customizable mold option for 1 or 2 cavities according to your trays sizes or shapes and an “exchangeable mold” feature, which allows you to exchange the machine’s molds in case you have 2 or more different trays. It also offers MAP (Gas Flushing) system if required.

  • Automatic Tray Sealer Machine (Air-Compressor)
    Automatic Tray Sealer Machine (Air-Compressor)
    PH-900 Series

    Our PH-900 Series Models are premium automatic sealing machines for all shapes, kinds and sizes of trays, bowls or cups. This model comes in different sizes depending on your containers sizes and dimensions, it has a fully customizable mold option for 1, 2 or 4 for those who have higher production needs, and an “exchangeable mold” feature, which allows you to exchange the machine’s molds in case you have 2 or more different traysOffering MAP (Gas Flushing) system to keep your food fresh during a larger period of time and a Edge cutting feature which cuts the sealing film just right on the rim of the tray for a better esthetic. It has the same digital panel as PH-59 series, one of the main differences is that the PH-900 models are driven by air-compressor for higher production needs.

  • Continuous Production Line Sealing Machine
    Continuous Production Line Sealing Machine
    PH-22 / 55

    The automatic production line sealer machine PH-22 / 55 series is aimed at the huge amount of sealing production of food plant.It can be designed according to your factory space, voltage, and requirements. Please contact us for details and full consultation.

  • Rotary Sealing Machine
    Rotary Sealing Machine
    PH-80 / 85

    PH-80 / 85 Rotary Sealing Machine is an automatic rotary sealing machine. It works with a PLC controller that provides you high reliability control and rapid reaction to fault diagnosis.By using the rotary machine, it can create a fully automatic production process for auto cup dropping, liquid filling, cup sealing and code printing, and more possibilities for special requirements such as Gas Flushing.This can completely less the manpower, and meanwhile providing you stable production output and simplifying the operation proceeding.

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