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Sealing Machine Supplier - PHOENIXES

Located in Taiwan, PHOENIXES MULTI SOLUTIONS INC. is one of the leading sealing machine and plastic sealing film suppliers since 2000.

Besides sealing machines, PHOENIXES also supplies powder dispenser machines, fructose dispenser machines, sachet packaging machines with innovative designs. Also, our sealing films meet SUV, SGS food safety standards.

PHOENIXES has been offering customers high quality sealing machines with reasonable prices. Both with advanced technology and 17 years of experience, PHOENIXES makes sure customer's demands are met.

Competitive Advantages

Phoenixes Competitive Advantages

Phoenixes is a professional sealing machine distributor in Taiwan, all products are made in Taiwan, with high-quality products and professional experience for the entire customer service. we do not rely on low prices and sales of large quantities to the market, but from the demand of customer recommend the most suitable products, also for each customer packaging needs of different materials and sizes tailored to create a unique packaging materials and mold and customize the panel style.

1. Phoenixes is the best choice to help customer create benefits

Since the customer contact us, we are not just selling products. Instead, we understand each customer's needs through communication and discussion, find the best way to solve customer problems and save costs,creating the win-win situation with our customers.

2. Not only trade services, but also provide after-sales service

We are responsible for all product, our machines will be tested before shipment, and provide maintenance and after-sales service, any questions please contact us. However, there must be wear and tear on the machine when it is used, so it's our responsibility to keep it working.

3. Phoenixes also provide other products besides sealing machines

Beside sealing machines, Phoenixes also provide sealing materials, which can be applied to the different material containers,we have the standard film and the customized film, Let the customer's products in the application and appearance are the best.
In addition, Phoenixes also provides stone-paper restaurant bibs to help the Earth's environment.
In the future, Phoenixes will also introduce more new products to the market trends, we do not stop, and will continue to grow and progress.

4. Quick reply and professional introduction

When the customer calls or e-mail, we will respond within 24 hours, and quickly understand the customer status to make the most appropriate treatment.
(Please leave two e-mail addresses or more contact information when filling the inquiry, for example: LINE, Skype,wechat ... etc. )

5. Except for Taiwan, Phoenixes also actively to the world

Since 2012, we established a overseas sales department and achieved great results in the export trade. In addition to the domestic market, we hope to introduce Phoenixes to the world so that the world can see Taiwan's excellent products and services.

6. No hard sell, just professional and responsible

Not everyone knows what kind of product they need, so we hope can understand what your needs and give you the best solution. we want to establish a trust relationship with you and become a friendly business partner.
At present, except for the domestic sales department, we also have overseas sales department. We can communicate in Chinese, English, Taiwanese and Spanish.

7. Customized services, create your brand image

The mold can be customized to match the container, panel stickers, sealing films and restaurant bibs are also available for customization. customers can print their logo or text information, combined with the brand image and product.