Tray Sealers

Tray sealer simply make your job easier. / PHOENIXES is providing all sizes of small cup sealing machines, tray sealers, mass production sealing machines and sachet sealing machine. Our sealing films can seal containers of different sizes and materials. Standard designs and full customized printing for our clients' needs are available.

Automatic tray sealer machine

Tray Sealers

Tray sealer simply make your job easier.

Tray Sealing Machines are widely used in restaurants, factories for ready meals, frozen foods, microwave foods, meats, salads, etc. Due to the excellent sealing effect our tray sealing machines provide, you will not hear your customers complain about the leakage issue anymore.

- Suitable for food factories, food processing plants, packing houses, restaurant, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.
- For sealing water cups, beverages, yogurts, puddings, tofu, meal boxes, frozen food, microwave meals and so on.

Let us know more about your project or needs.

  • What is the Dimensions of your containers?
  • What is the Material of your containers?
  • How Many Containers are you planning to seal per day or per hour?
  • What is the Content inside your containers?
  • Do you Need Sealing Films? If so, would you like transparent films or customized ones?
  • Do you have any Special Needs such as Freezing, Microwavable, Gas Flushing (MAP) or Vacuuming, Etc.?
Once we have these answers, we'll be back to you with the most suitable items for your project, please feel to contact us.

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Tray Sealers

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Manual tray sealing machine - Manual Tray Sealer For Food Trays
Manual tray sealing machine

PH-39M is Phoenixes' most economical tabletop tray sealing machine model, it offers a good...

Automatic tray sealing machine - Phoenixes Automatic Tray Sealer
Automatic tray sealing machine
PH-59L Series

PH-59L(Series) is table top motor-driven tray sealer, it has a fully customizable mold option...

Automatic tray sealer (Air-compressor) - Air-compressor Tray Sealer-Sealing Machine
Automatic tray sealer (Air-compressor)
PH-900 Series

PH-900 Series are premium automatic sealers for all kinds of containers. This model comes in different...

Result 1 - 3 of 3

Tray Sealers | Sealing Machine Supplier - PHOENIXES

Located in Taiwan, PHOENIXES MULTI SOLUTIONS INC. is one of the leading Tray Sealers | sealing machine and plastic sealing film suppliers since 2000.

Besides sealing machines, PHOENIXES also supplies powder dispenser machines, fructose dispenser machines, sachet packaging machines with innovative designs. Also, our sealing films meet SUV, SGS food safety standards.

PHOENIXES has been offering customers high quality sealing machines with reasonable prices. Both with advanced technology and 23 years of experience, PHOENIXES makes sure customer's demands are met.