Our Products

Our Products

Sealing machines for any size or kind of cups, trays, bowls, or containers, as well as top quality sealing films to seal these containers, providing the best safety standards.
Filling equipment for any kind of liquid, as well as sachet filling packing equipment.
Biodegradable straws to achieve sustainable and waste reduction goals.
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Our Service

Our Service

Providing the best experience before, during and after your purchase.
Our team provides the best customer experience by giving the best guidance and suggestions to our customers before and during the purchase process, so they can get the best products for their projects.
And in order make it even better, our team will happily help you after your purchase if needed.
Just give us a call, we're one call away!

Your best option for High Quality Packing Equipment

With more than 20 years of experience, Phoenixes is an international leader supplier of sealing machines, sealing films and packaging equipment. We've supplied our products both locally and internationally, having a presence in more than 50-60 countries.


Help our clients improve their competitiveness and revenue through professionalism, quality, and service.


Become our clients' ideal and most reliable packaging supplier by always providing the best product quality & the best service, before, during and after the purchase.

Core Values

Working with professionalism, honesty & passion to deliver the best quality & service at the most competitive prices.