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PHOENIXES Sealing Films Service Introduction

PHOENIXES MULTI SOLUTIONS INC. is Taiwan Sealing Films supplier and manufacturer with more than 18 years experence. Since 2000, in the Producing a variety of sealing machines and also provides business industry, PHOENIXES has been offering our customers high quality Sealing Films production service. With both advanced technology and 18 years experience, PHOENIXES always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Manual tray sealing machine
    Manual tray sealing machine

    PH-39M is Phoenixes' most economical tabletop tray sealing machine model, it offers a good quality at an affordable price. This is a semi-automatic machine, however, it still allows you to seal hundreds of trays per hour. It's suitable for trays and bowls packaging, such as takeout, lunch boxes and other products. PH-39M is equipped with a durable stainless steel case and a LED screen display which displays error codes, easy to operate and maintain. Let us know the dimensions of your trays, we can customize the molding to fit your needs perfectly. Phoenixes also supply the top sealing films either the transparent ones or we can customize it with your logo.

  • Matte finish plastic films
    Matte finish plastic films
    Matte finish film

    To help our clients enhance their competitiveness and profit, Phoenixes endeavor to provide innovative products to our clients. In addition to the normal plastic films, we can do the Matte Finish plastic films now! The Matte Finish printing can be applied to the PP, PE, ES, and PET plastic films. Customizing your films with matte finish printing is a great tool to attract your customers' eyes and strengthen your brand recognition. Especially nowadays, people are mostly doing normal plastic films. Printing your films with the Matte Finish will greatly help your brand to outstand from the others. *Phoenixes offer standard white matte finish PE plastic films in stock, contact us for more details.

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