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Located in Taiwan, PHOENIXES MULTI SOLUTIONS INC. is one of the leading Rotary Sealing Machine | sealing machine and plastic sealing film suppliers since 2000.

Besides sealing machines, PHOENIXES also supplies powder dispenser machines, fructose dispenser machines, sachet packaging machines with innovative designs. Also, our sealing films meet SUV, SGS food safety standards.

PHOENIXES has been offering customers high quality sealing machines with reasonable prices. Both with advanced technology and 18 years of experience, PHOENIXES makes sure customer's demands are met.

Rotary Sealing Machine

PH-80 / 85

PH-80 / 85 Rotary Sealing Machine is an automatic rotary sealing machine. It works with a PLC controller that provides you high reliability control and rapid reaction to fault diagnosis.

By using the rotary machine, it can create a fully automatic production process for auto cup dropping, liquid filling, cup sealing and code printing, and more possibilities for special requirements such as Gas Flushing.

This can completely less the manpower, and meanwhile providing you stable production output and simplifying the operation proceeding.

Rotary Sealer Machine

Model Machine Size Voltage Max Tray Size
W x L x H mm
Max Cup Size
Diameter mm
pcs / hr
PH-80 950 x 950 x 1500 220V, 800W 220 x 170 x 120 Diameter 170 720
220V, 800W 180 x 150 x 120 Diameter 150 800
220V, 800W 170 x 90 x 100 Diameter 90 900
950 x 950 x 1500 220V, 900W 95 x 170 x 100 Diameter 170 1440
220V, 900W 160 x 75 x 100 Diameter 75 1600
220V, 900W 90 x 75 x 100 Diameter 75 1800
PH-85 700 x 700 x 1450 220V, 700W 170 x 120 x 110 Diameter 120 720
220V, 700W 100 x 100 x 100 Diameter 100 800
220V, 700W 80 x 80 x 100 Diameter 80 900

Video display


  • PLC controller.
  • Stainless steel exterior.
  • Driven by external compressor (not included).
  • Interchangeable mold.
  • Customized molding.
  • Temperature and error shown on display.
  • Userfriendly parameter and easy to operate.
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